Monday, December 4, 2023

Xavi angry with the referee, says a lot of bad words in after match conference

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Xavi after Inter’s game was very angry with the referee. In after match conference he criticised the refs for their decision. For more, there are parts from press conference:

“I’m angry by what we had to live through. It is an injustice. I do not understand anything. He didn’t want to give me explanations at the end of the game”

“We have three finals, and two of them are at home.”

“I think we did well in the second half. The first half was quite bad. I don’t know if this is the worst match of the season.”

“In the first half we lacked too much rhythm. We have to criticize ourselves, beyond the referee’s calls.”

“I’m pissed off. The referees should come out and explain their decisions, because we don’t understand anything.”

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