Monday, October 2, 2023

Why Anthony Taylor was right to send off Emerson after Martinelli tackle in Arsenal vs Tottenham

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Arsenal took a 3-1 lead over Tottenham shortly after Emerson Royal’s challenge on Gabriel Martinelli which saw Anthony Taylor hand the defender a red card.

There was a pause in play shortly after Emerson had committed a foul, as Martinelli stayed down due to the injury inflicted on him by his fellow Brazilian. However, this break in play ended when a red card was given as a result of the challenge.

Despite protests by some of the Tottenham players, referee specialist Peter Walton explained on BT Sport why a red card was handed to the full-back.

Walton said: “I don’t think Tottenham or Emerson Royal will have any complaints about this tackle at all. The challenge completely out of context, the actual challenge itself going down the side of the shin – with force – and that’s the main thing.

“Force equals a sending-off offence. It was serious foul play, Anthony Taylor took his time because I don’t think he realised what happened straight in front of him, he’s looked at it and it’s a red card offence.”

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