Thursday, December 7, 2023

Unbelievable: Jose Mourinho part of rap music video of famous rapper, is going viral, everybody should see it!

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Jose Mourinho, Usain Bolt and Dina Asher-Smith have all made surprise appearances in Stormzy’s new music video.

After a long hiatus, the British rapper has released his new single titled ‘Mel Made Me Do It’.

The track is just over 10 minutes long and you can view it below…

VIDEO: Stormzy’s new single – ‘Mel made me do it’.

Jose Mourinho makes surprise cameo
Mourinho, one of the best managers football has ever seen, makes a shock yet brilliant cameo.

The 59-year-old is currently in charge of AS Roma in Italy but has taken time out of his busy schedule to feature in the video.

At 5:15, Mourinho is seen standing with Stormzy and his friends inside a mansion.

The camera zooms in on the group as the lyrics go: ‘You love to talk about the old days, them man are old like Annie, are you okay? I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose.’

Mourinho then puts his finger to his lips as his iconic interview where he said ‘I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I will be in big trouble’ plays in the background.

It is absolutely incredible and you can view it below…

VIDEO: Jose Mourinho puts his fingers to his lips in Stormzy’s new music video

What an absolute legend Mourinho is. The Stormzy and Mourinho musical collaboration is something we never thought we would see but we are extremely glad it happened.

The Roma manager’s acting skills were faultless.

Sprint legend Bolt and Great British sprinter Asher-Smith also feature in the bonkers video.

Beginning at 1:22, Bolt sits down on his sofa in his house in the Caribbean and switches on his television.

He tunes into ‘The Mel Made Me Do It’ show, presented by Jonathan Ross and Zeze Mills, where Asher-Smith, Louis Theroux and Stormzy are guests.

Stormzy is asked by Ross: ‘What is on your mind right now?’

Stormzy’s song then continues. Bolt is seen watching on from his sofa. He sips on his drink and bops his head as Stormzy raps.

What an epic music video. Well done to Stormzy and all involved.

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