Thursday, December 7, 2023

The doctor who saved the Cadiz fan: It was a chaotic situation, we had to shock him three times

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The match between Cadiz and Barcelona took a back seat. In the stands, a home fan suffered a heart attack.

Juan Jesus is a doctor and a season ticket holder. He was at the stadium and one of the medical staff who was able to save the life of the fan, who is now in a stable condition in the ICU.

“I was there as a fan and I was caught right underneath what happened,” Jesus explained.

“It was a chaotic situation. The man had no pulse and we had to shock him three times.

“There was a group of medics who were able to help him.”

Regarding the importance of the referee stopping the match, the doctor was very supportive of the decision.

“It was important for the surroundings to be ready for us to attend to him,” he acknowledged.

One of the images left by the event was Jeremias Ledesma throwing a defibrillator into the stands.

“It helped, it was another additional element, but it wasn’t used,” he added.

“Everyone should have a basic knowledge of first aid.”

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