Monday, October 2, 2023

Special history: Why does Endrick wear the number 16? His father tells

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The 16-year-old Brazilian striker, Endrick, today officially signed a professional contract with the Real Madrid club.

Real has paid around 60 million euros for Endrick who will join them when he turns 18 in 2030.

Today, Endrick’s father, Douglas, has shown why his son has decided to wear the number 16 on his shirt, and it seems that he will also have this in the Real team.

“During 2015/16, I was building our house in Céu Azul helping me with plastering. In 2022, my son debuts in professional football with the same number I had in that photo and the shirt of the same club….and today, he signed for Real Madrid. His age is 16″, said Endrick’s father.

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