Monday, October 2, 2023

Should Kieran Tierney be condemned for disrespecting the Queen?

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Disrespecting the late Monarch and disrespecting English fans. by Ken 1945.

It seems that there is an example of one of our own players coming into the first category above, and I wonder if he will be dealt with the same condemnation reserved for those football fans who were highlighted in a previous JA article?

It’s being reported, along with photographic evidence, that Kieren Tierney removed his black armband during Scotland’s recent international and his connection with Celtic could explain his actions.

I guess he will be vilified in exactly the same way as those fans who booed the national anthem, and how will he be received at the next home game?

From the reaction to the booing reported during the national anthem being played, when highlighted in a JA article, it will not be a positive one… but as he’s “one of our own” it will be interesting to see if he is condemned in the same way.

Meanwhile, over a 1,000 liverpool fans are taking UEFA and the French FA to court over the injuries and trauma they experienced at last years CL final.

It seems, once again, football fans have been shafted by the establishment, along with the media and others who were so quick to condemn them, without knowing the facts.

Let’s hope that, if the supporters win, they don’t have to wait 30 odd years for justice to prevail.
What do you think on both of these subjects, fellow Gooners?

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