Friday, June 2, 2023

Pennant makes a predicton for Arsenal’s title chances and fans will not like it

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Ex-Arsenal winger Jermaine Pennant reckons the Gunners’ Premier League title challenge will ‘crumble’ after Christmas.

Arsenal have enjoyed a wonderful start to the season, winning nine of their opening ten games to sit top of the table.

With the ten-match mark often being seen as the point when the Premier League table is a true reflection of where each club currently stands, it suggests the north London side could be in store for a memorable campaign.

They have also managed to see off Tottenham and Liverpool, but are yet to face Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Former Gunner Pennant says that Arsenal certainly deserve credit for how far they’ve progressed under Mikel Arteta.

But he feels they will implode like they did last season when they slipped up to allow bitter rivals Spurs to claim the final Champions League qualifying spot.

Speaking on The Sports Bar, Pennant said: “I think that Arsenal, after Christmas, will cookie crumble like they did the year before to drop out of the Champions League spots.”

Pennant later added: “What Arteta has done at Arsenal, where they were two, three seasons ago and what they are doing now, is absolutely amazing.

“We are giving Arsenal a lot of praise about where they are going and how they have conducted themselves in the first ten games. But it is all about will they maintain that, will they continue that after Christmas?

“We have seen a lot of teams come flying out the blocks and then as soon as the Christmas period comes and the games come thick and fast, they slip over easily.”

Asked by a fan why he doesn’t show more love for Arsenal, the Liverpool fan said: “If Liverpool don’t clinch the title, I’ll be over the moon if Arsenal win it.”

While Pennant believes the Gunners might slip away, Jason Cundy had a colourful analogy to illustrate their staying power.

The talkSPORT host said: “Arsenal are there and they’re not going. They’re annoying, Arsenal.

“I was saying to the boys in the office, Arsenal are like that fly in the summer when you’ve got the windows and doors open, but he just flies around the house at a lazy pace and you’re like, ‘Come on, go! I’ve had enough now!’

“Then you go into the other room thinking he’s gone and he just follows you in and goes past you. You open the windows and try to force him out, but he keeps flying into the closed window!

“Go! Arsenal are like that annoying fly!”

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