Thursday, December 7, 2023

Only Gabriel Jesus has this record in history of Premier League

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Gabriel Jesus of Arsenal has never lose any Premier League match he scores in from his days at Manchester City to date. Nobody has this record in history of Premier League.

Arsenal fans will always pray that Gabriel Jesus should score in every Premier League match as the former Manchester City attacking midfielder joins the Gunners with an incredible Premier League record.

When he was at Manchester City, the Brazilian was severed from the stats, with the credit going to a solid and formidable Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

After he joined Arsenal in the summer, pundits argued that the integrity of the record was doomed to be assailed with ease given the pedigree of the team when juxtaposed with his old fortress at Etihad.

Gabriel Jesus’ incredible Premier League record

Gabriel Jesus joined the Premier League as a Manchester City player in 2016. He had played 167 matches, scoring 63 times and delivering 32 assists.

His 63 goals have come in 51 matches in which he has not lost any. Out of the 51 games, he had gathered 48 wins and 3 draws.

Since he spent a huge chunk of his football career at Manchester City, a significant fraction of this record was created at Manchester City.

Out of the 51 victorious games, 47 of these matches have been completed while at Manchester City, while only 4 games has been achieved at Arsenal.

Gabriel Jesus’ feat attracted the interest of pundits who were interested in how the Brazilian will sustain the record at Arsenal, a team considered more volatile when compared to a star-studded Manchester City squad.

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