Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Oleksandr Usyk thinks Tyson Fury robbed fans of the greatest boxing match in history

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Oleksandr Usyk doesn’t seem to understand one very simple thing about what Tyson Fury wants: the biggest payday of his career. In his view, the ‘Gypsy’ King’ is actively avoiding him but Usyk still misses the point. Anthony Joshua is a much bigger box office draw than Usyk will ever be against Tyson Fury.

The two greatest British Heavyweights in the world going against each other, it simply doesn’t get any better than that. Granted, there’s a chance AJ won’t stand a chance against Fury but this fight still needs to happen regardless of what Usyk says. The Ukrainian fighter is still entitled to his own opinion though.

Usyk is not mad at Fury, or is he?

Here’s what Usyk told Ring Magazine: “I’m not p***ed off at all. The bigger problem is Tyson Fury is not letting fans see one of the best historical bouts in boxing history. That’s his fault. Not mine. So, I’m not p***ed off at all. Tyson Fury can fight whoever he wants to fight but, from the standpoint of sportsmanship, of course it’s not correct.

“I have people around me who respect me, and we talk about that, I really don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. I care what my people think. I have my country that I love and it’s why I wanted to come back home. I’m sitting in my backyard right now and the country is at war. You hear sirens. You learn how to survive all of this. That’s the most important message. I feel personally how the rest of the world feels about us.”

Until now, Tyson Fury hasn’t responded to what Usyk said but we can expect the usual fireworks from him. the big man never misses a chance to come up with some creative counter that will most likely make headlines in the boxing community. For now, he needs to keep getting ready to fight Joshua in December.

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