Sunday, October 1, 2023

Messi drives the fans crazy, he pretends to be injured in training with Argentina before the World Cup

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Lionel Messi almost shocked the entire football world with an injury, but he was just joking with his teammates.

In Paris Saint Germain’s final game before the World Cup, there were concerns about Messi’s fitness as many fans feared the Argentina legend could pick up a sudden injury a week before the tournament in Qatar.

However, to the delight of many around the world, the likes of Messi, along with Brazilian star Neymar, walked away from the PSG coach unscathed.

Many fans have reacted to Messi’s joke on social networks.

One said: “I almost had a heart attack. That’s not right, don’t joke like that.”

Another tweeted: “Don’t joke with me Leo.”

A third fan added: “These guys are playing with our hearts.”

Messi and his Argentina squad are currently in Abu Dhabi as they prepare for a pre-tournament friendly against the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday at the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium.

After that, they will focus on their World Cup opener in Qatar, which takes place on November 22 when they face Saudi Arabia.

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