Thursday, December 7, 2023

Klopp can’t accept the loss, look what he said after the game

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, speaking to BBC Sport: “We created, we were really dangerous, we scored our goal, wonderful goal. Then concede last second of the first half. Obviously we made a mistake, counter attack is the goal. That is our situation, getting to half time knowing we were good in the game but ignoring the result.

“We wanted to carry on the good stuff but unfortunately we didn’t do that. We equalised, it was a really open game then. The situation around the penalty of course we should have cleared it. Now I saw it and I think you can imagine I don’t think it is a clear penalty, it is a very soft one. I think it is a situation where the referee have another look at it in real time.

“Couple of things went against us but we are not blind, we see we could have done better in moments. In general it was a good away game against a good side. We caused them a lot of problems but stand here with no points.”

On taking off Trent Alexander-Arnold: “He is injured unfortunately. Like Luis Diaz as well, it doesn’t look good for both. That is the icing on the cake…”

More on the game: “Arsenal are doing really well and in the situation I think we played a good game. Conceding the three goals, it had nothing to do with the game really. We have to win challenges in these moments. They should not get in these situations but it happened.

“I saw a team with the right attitude and put in a proper fight and play football and first half we did but in the second half I didn’t see these football moments as much.

“I think the game is a draw but today we have nothing.”

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