Monday, October 2, 2023

Is it crazy to suggest Arsenal could sign Lionel Messi next summer?

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Will Messi finally be a Gunner? by Shenel

As I am sure all you Gooners are aware, Lionel Messi’s contract at Paris St Germain expires next year. And talk is rife that he could return to Barcelona.

But wouldn’t it be crazy for Arsenal to go in for him as well? Wishful thinking right? LOL…

Well as I write this it does make me chuckle a bit ,but as I said previously, never say never.

Anything can happen in the world of football.

As we have seen previously, King and Legend Mr Thierry Henry broke our hearts when he left the first time round to join Barcelona in 2007, but he returned in 2012 for a loan spell the second time around, and I for one was not complaining when he returned.

I have always said Messi will fit into our style of play, as we play like Barcelona’s B team and we mirror them in most things we do on the pitch. Although we have added a bit more to our game, you never quite lose the style and flare.

Even at the age of 36 Messi still has the magic touch. He is scoring goals and although he found his form a little bit late at PSG, at the end of it he has found the form and is back to his best, albeit not at the level he was when he was at Barcelona. But he still has lots to give and one thing cannot be denied, his love for the beautiful game. And when you have that passion for your job, performances will soon find you.

So as you see Gooners, anything is possible and anything can happen in the world of football and maybe, just maybe, the Kroenke’s will dip into their pockets and branch out for us to sign one of the best players in the world.

Because Messi, Jesus and Martinelli, alongside the rest of the team, rolls off the tongue rather nicely now doesn’t it!

We can but dream I guess!

Shenel Osman.

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