Sunday, October 1, 2023

‘I broke’: Arsenal ace says he’s been playing with an injury since the World Cup

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Speaking on The Fellas Podcast, Aaron Ramsdale has made quite a surprising revelation.

The Arsenal goalkeeper was discussing a social media post from a fan who caught one of his gloves after a recent game for the Gunners, and he pointed out something that many won’t have noticed.

Ramsdale noted that his two middle fingers on his gloves are actually stitched together, and that is because he broke his knuckle while on World Cup duty.


The goalkeeper shared that he’s broken his knuckle.

“I’ll tell you about something with those gloves too. If you look at the middle fingers there’s no gap. I broke my knuckle at the World Cup. So I have had to play since the World Cup with gloves that are together like that. The Adidas gloves rip quite easily, so I have to have a new pair in every single game,” Ramsdale said.


Ramsdale’s revelation of playing with an injury showcases his dedication and commitment to the team.

It is not uncommon for professional footballers, particularly goalkeepers to play through pain and injuries, but it is still a remarkable feat.

The goalkeeper’s determination to continue playing despite the injury highlights the mental toughness required to play at the highest level, and just how bonkers Ramsdale is in his own way.

The injury could have affected his performances for Arsenal, but he really hasn’t let it be a factor. He even earned a Man of the Match award in a recent north London derby.

Of course, Arsenal will hope that the injury is fully healed before too long, and that he will be able to get past this issue without any further problems.

This tale is certainly a testament to Ramsdale’s character that he was willing to play through the pain to help his team continue their title push.

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