Friday, December 8, 2023

FIFA 23: How to score every penalty you take

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With every new installation to the FIFAvideo game franchise comes a new set of tricks and tips required to dominate from the spot.

Whether it’s subtle head movements or minuscule in-game glitches, there are always opportunities to get the upper hand on your opponents.

Fortunately enough, though, the online FIFA community has come to the rescue detailing the newest techniques to ensure penalty shootout success.

In the clip further down this article, Zelonius can be seen talking through the newest quirks to the penalty setup on FIFA 23.

Die-hard fans will be ecstatic with updates to the Arena Mode. Players are now able to position the ball anywhere on the pitch in order to take a direct free-kick over a wall.

Additionally, by pressing any arrow on the ‘D-Pad’, players are able to practice penalties outside of a match-scenario.

How to score every penalty on FIFA 23

Unlike previous FIFA games, which used an arrow to highlight the direction of the penalty, FIFA 23 will use a ‘composure ring’ to judge the accuracy of the shot. The smaller the ring, the better the penalty.

Keen FIFA fans will recognise the similarities to the timed finishing mechanic which sparked controversy in the FIFA community in 2019.

Throughout the video, Zelonius uses Lionel Messi as an exemplar penalty taker. Messi has high penalty, finishing, composure and shot power stats making him the perfect man for the job.

Zelonius is clear with his praise of the new system, claiming it is ‘easier than last year’ to score penalties.

He continues by noting how finesse penalties appear weaker in this version of the game: “Don’t finesse it, I’ve learned that the hard way.”


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