Monday, October 2, 2023

Conte can’t accept the loss, says some bad words in press conference

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While Mikel Arteta seemed more than pleased with his side, Antonio Conte believed that the refereeing decisions went against his side. “”Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are unlucky,” Conte said in reflection of the game. “The red card killed the game, this is truth, but not because we remained with 10 men but because [our] team [was] really, really offensive and also in the four or five minutes to make the substitutions, we were so offensive that it was really difficult to defend and we conceded the third goal.

“I don’t know what happened later but in England, I have to be honest, it is very difficult because they don’t have the same line, you understand? Sometimes you see situations that could be a red card, instead yellow card or no yellow card.

“Sometimes you see situations that are yellow card but instead [it is] a red card. They have to work a lot about this. In Italy for example, our referees they go on Thursday to stay together [for] three days to work together, to look at video to try to improve.

“I don’t know if this happens in England but it would be a good idea because the level is so high, we need to have the level of the referee, of the VAR, at the same level, you understand, because the Premier League is a really high, high level. For this reason, every part of this situation, in my opinion, has to be top.”

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