Sunday, October 1, 2023

Chemie Leipzig player is knocked out cold after colliding face first with wall, it’s one of the worst injuries ever

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Chemie Leipzig star Denis Japel suffered one of the most sickening injuries we’ve seen in a long time after a brutal collision with a wall on Saturday.

Chemie played away at Chemnitzer FC in the Regionalliga, the fourth division in German football, and came away with a 1-0 win courtesy of Dennis Mast’s strike in the 79th minute.

But the victory was perhaps overshadowed by the injury sustained by Japel in the 26th minute.

The ball was trickling out of play on the left flank and Japel was determined to stop it going out for a goal kick.

He sprinted at a rapid pace and was able to put the ball out for a throw-in rather than a goal-kick.

However, in his attempt to stop the goal-kick, Japel’s momentum kept him going and he proceeded to smash his head into a concrete wall.

The impact was horrible and Japel immediately dropped to the floor. He was moving ever so slightly but there was concern from both sets of players, who attended to him.

Fortunately Japel was able to get to his feet and walk without any assistance, however, he was substituted and later taken to the hospital.

Chemie provided an update on their player on Twitter, writing: “This morning Denis was picked up from the hospital by Uwe Thomas. He is doing well given the circumstances, but will rest until about the middle of next week. We wish you a speedy recovery – come back soon, Denis!”

The win moved Chemie up to sixth in the league, with 13 points accrued after seven matches.


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