Monday, October 2, 2023

Boy asked for Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, got R9 instead

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When you think of terrible footballer haircuts, there’s a good chance your mind will flash back to Ronaldo Nazario – or ‘Brazilian Ronaldo’ – at the 2002 World Cup.The legendary striker was the star of the tournament in Japan and South Korea but, let’s be honest, his infamous barnet was a shambles.

El Fenomeno left a bizarre triangular patch at the front of his shaved head and it’s certainly a contender for the worst World Cup haircut of all time.Almost 20 years later, one poor lad went viral on social media after asking his dad for a Ronaldo haircut during lockdown. The boy wanted one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s stylish haircuts; however, there was “only one Ronaldo” in his mischievous father’s mind.That was surely the last time the youngster asked his old man to cut his hair.

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