Monday, October 2, 2023

Arteta with unexpected word in press conference after the win, the fans are shocked

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Mikel Arteta has spoken after Arsenal won against Tottenham with 3:1 result. In the question “Is Arsenal a contender”, he said that Arsenal has just started.

Read the full interview after the win of Mikel Arteta:

Great atmosphere and great football with everybody connecting. I’m really happy.

Every time they connect with that front three something can happen but I don’t think we played with that in the back of our heads.

I can sense the passion. From the moment they came back from the internationals they were ready. You have to play with that passion and that coolness in your head.

It’s great to see [the table] for the club and it gives you a great feeling, but we’re a really humble and hungry team.

-On Arsenal being title contenders-

I will leave that to you guys. We’re just at the start.

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