Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arsen Wenger with some shocked and unexpected word for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal players

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There are very few Arsenal fans that would deny that Arsene Wenger is the Gunners greatest-ever manager, who won many many trophies by buying unknown players and making them into superstars playing ‘The Arsenal Way‘.

But sadly as time went on and the big money owners came in to challenge him, and his methods were replicated by other teams to raise their levels as well, his influence waned and Arsenal gradually got overtaken by younger more innovative managers.

Hopefully for Arsenal, we have now taken on one of those young bloods in Mikel Arteta, who looks like he is combining the methods of the early Arsene Wenger with the modern management of his latest mentor, Pep Guardiola, to create a young dynamic squad to try and take Arsenal back to the top table of football’s elite clubs.

It must be said that, after his departure from the Emirates four years ago, Le Prof rarely talks about Arsenal, and certainly has not returned to the Stadium that he helped build, but now he has finally decided to break his silence, when asked if he thinks that Mikel Arteta could actually win the League this season.

This is what he was quoted as saying in the Sun: “I would say they are moving in the right direction. I honestly think … they are young, promising players and they have bought well this year.

“There is no completely dominating team this season and Arsenal has a chance with the potential that is there.

“We used to be in the top four and why not again? You cannot even rule out the fact that they can fight for the title and hopefully they can do it.”

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