Friday, December 8, 2023

Andy Ruiz expects support from Julio César Chávez, not call him lazy

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Julio César Chávez held nothing back during the broadcast of the Andy Ruiz fight and called the former unified heavyweight champion “huevón”, a situation regretted by the Destroyer, who instead of criticizing, asked that the legendary Mexican boxer better show his support.

Last Sunday, Andy Ruiz defeated Luis Ortiz by unanimous decision at the Arena in Los Angeles, a fight in which he sent the Cuban to the canvas three times, but could not knock him out. On the contrary, the King Kong put his hands in the hands of the Mexican, who, according to Chavez, did not throw the necessary punches and criticized him in the final part of the Box Azteca broadcast.

“It seems incredible to me that Julio doesn’t understand how complicated it is to face such a dangerous and technical southpaw, also with a bestial punch, and that Julio doesn’t forget that heavyweight punches are something else”, said Andy Ruiz to the newspaper El Universal.

During the broadcast, Julio Cesar Chavez said that he did not like the performance of Andy Ruiz, who was almost knocked out and that, despite the knockdowns of the Cuban, they were only flashes and that if it had not been for the knockdowns, he would have lost. He said he was angry that Andy didn’t throw punches and called him an lazy.

Andy Ruiz said that the support of the considered best fighter in the history of Mexico is what he expected to hear and not that kind of comments. “I would expect support from Julio, not insults, I am the only Mexican heavyweight world champion in all of history and I don’t think for a long time there will be another Mexican prospect in this division.”

Andy Ruiz’s father defends his son

Destroyer Ruiz’s dad also spoke and said that it is something that bothers him, that they criticize his son that way, and that Andy’s win was in a very close fight.

“Julio must understand how hard it is to have your children touched, he has children; Andy won a close fight, but in the end he won and I believe that if the Cuban had won, all his countrymen would be supporting him and not beating him”.

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