Monday, October 2, 2023

Japanese fans explain the main reasons why they clean the ground after every World Cup match

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Japanese fans have revealed the main reasons why they always clean the place after every football match and not only.

Japanese fans at the World Cup have won praise from many around the world for their actions.

It is not the first time that Japanese fans have been applauded for their actions, as they have done the same thing before.

They have explained exactly why they choose to clean the stands at the end of matches.

“Our hearts are pure, so the stands must be pure,” one fan told Al Jazeera after Japan’s stunning 2-1 win over Germany.

One fan added: “What we’re taught is that leaving things cleaner than how you found them is ‘atarimae’ (their expression for the obvious). And that we should always express gratitude”.

While a fan carrying blue plastic bags to distribute to other supporters explained: “We distribute these bags to everyone who sits in the Japan fans’ seats. Tidying up and cleaning up when we leave is a manifestation of our culture.”

Someone else added: “This is because we are taught by our parents and through education.”

Many other fans are surprised to see Japanese fans cleaning up the place after the match, which surprised Danno, who said: “What you think is special is actually nothing unusual for us. When we use the toilet, we clean it ourselves. When we leave a room, we make sure it is tidy. This is the habit. We cannot leave a place without cleaning it. It is a part of our education, daily learning”.

Another Japanese fan, Saysuka, said, “Cleanliness and tidiness is like a religion for us in Japan, and we appreciate it.”

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