Sunday, October 1, 2023

10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Arsenal Fans

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One of the biggest clubs in the English Premier League that many people know about and support is Arsenal FC. Also known as “The Gunners”, the club is located in London and competes among other top clubs in Europe has also been consistent in winning trophies.

It can also be noted that Arsenal is club that has one of the biggest fan base as many football lovers across Africa and most especially Europe can be seen wearing the club’s prestigious red and white jersey.

Speaking more about the London club’s support, there are countries around the world which have been identified with a high number of Gunners fans. According to Tribuna, below are 10 countries that have the highest number of Arsenal fans.

1. Malaysia – 1,165,337

2 . Mexico – 1,165,9018.

3. Brazil – 1,254,3597.

4. UK – 1,258,5216.

5. Nigeria – 1,287,3045.

6. India – 1,576,0694.

7. Thailand – 1,619,9923.

8. Vietnam – 1,937,7602.

9. Egypt – 2,478,7921.

10. Indonesia – 3,512,453

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